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Our agency strives to assist with clients in providing adequate coverage to protect their commercial needs as well as providing coverage at a competitive price . Our agency provides recommendations for clients as to what coverage may best fit their commercial needs in addition to working with clients on specific requests. While the lowest limits the agency offers is $300,000 per occurrence $600,000 aggregate, in most cases it is in the client’s best interest to increase these limits. The cost of increasing the limits is relatively inexpensive and not worth the risk of having insufficient coverage. Ultimately, however, the client needs to determine what is best for their own personal needs.

When writing commercial policies it is important to cover all business locations regarding property and liability coverage as well as employees, drivers, vehicles, equipment, mortgagees, additional insured, and loss payees, just to name a few.

There are various types of coverage that can be written for property; therefore it is important to discuss the properties involved in order to determine the best coverage necessary. The increased level of information may lead to a more inclusive coverage policy with a lower premium.

Liability coverage is another very important item in today's litigious society. All aspects of the business need to be discussed in order to determine the proper amount of coverage. Our office will provide suggestions as to what we feel are adequate; however, it will ultimately be the client’s final decision as to amount of coverage to be placed.

Items we see quite often are, titles of vehicles not matching the named insured on the auto policy, equipment, both owned and rented not listed on the policy, not all locations added to the policy, or new risks the company may now be engaged in that they were not when the policy was originally written.


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Please remember this is only a very brief discussion on the above items. In order for our agency to make an accurate assessment of your insurance risk and needs, whether that is home, auto, farm and ranch, commercial coverage, work comp., life, health, etc, you will need to have a meeting with someone in our office to further discuss your insurance needs. Please remember coverage cannot be bound or modified via voice mail.

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